At Kepler, we are reshaping the satellite communications industry by developing groundbreaking technology that provides real solutions for global gaps in connectivity

Our Company's Mission
Provide reliable and affordable access to connectivity in space

Kepler's founding purpose is to build infrastructure for space-based connectivity. Our infrastructure will connect launch vehicle, space stations, habitats, and other satellites. Yes, we want to bring the Internet to space!

To do so, Kepler develops technologies and delivers services that solve real connectivity problems that allow us to sustainable and incrementally reach this objective.

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We build, launch, and operate satellites that provide global connectivity

Connecting thousands of businesses and teams globally to help them do what they do best

We come up with great ideas. We come up with a lot of bad ideas too. It's part of the innovation process.

Our journey

We are on a mission to build the Internet in space. We believe this long-term goal is important for the next stage of human evolution and exploration. We want to provide real-time communications to other satellites, space stations, launch vehicles, habitats, and any other space borne asset. We intend to do this though a constellation of data relaying satellites that will act as in-space cell phone towers.

KEPLER develops next-generation satellite communication technologies and provides global satellite data backhaul services for wideband and Internet of Things applications with the long-term goal of building a network of satellites to provide in-space connectivity.
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