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Scientific Stations
Oceanographic Vessels
Autonomous Weather Stations
Global Data Service ™ Kepler's Global Data Service™ offers an economic means of moving large scientific data files from anywhere to everywhere. The days of shipping hard drives via planes and vessels are over.
Scientific Stations Transfer large quantities of weather, mapping, seismic, and astronomy data between remote sites and data processing centers for rapid analysis and activities planning.
Oceanographic Vessels Scientific vessels are dependent upon high-bandwidth connectivity to share their collected data. Water column measurements, bathymetry, and underwater ROV videos are in high use across the scientific community and require a high-bandwidth solution.
Autonomous Weather Stations Access meteorological data from autonomous weather monitoring systems, no matter how remotely located.
Research Stations
Autonomous Weather Stations
When remotely deployed, whether temporally or not, communications become essential to guarantee a successful and resource-efficient mission. Scientist deployed in remote locations can use Global Data ServiceTM to improve their communications network, increasing the speed of data distribution and overall operations that allows for faster collaboration between institutions Global Data Service™ delivers two-way high-bandwidth data services to communicate while and send large files such as multimedia files, weather and ice information.
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