Built For Enterprise

The EverywhereIot DevKit™ Develop your service offering using a fully customizable IoT kit.

Flexible Data

You can expect more with Kepler. Delivering more data per device than any other satellite service.

Global Coverage

A truly global service, that is available where ever your IoT devices may be.


Devices can send and receive data for configuration and firmware updates, increasing the utility of IoT deployments.
An All-in-1 IoT Solution
The DevKit™ is an all-in-1 packaged solution that allows developers to achieve the utmost level of customization in their IoT systems. Ideal for IoT applications such as transportation, smart agriculture, environmental monitoring or energy, but the possibilities are endless. Unleash the potential of your IoT system by exploring new solutions that call for truly global satellite connectivity.
  1. Assemble Connect the antenna board to the Kepler module to assemble the kit.
  2. Power Power the Kepler module using the power adapter provided.
  3. Connect Connect the Kepler module to your computer and connect your IoT sensor to the module.
  4. Test Set up your account on Kepler's web portal to access your device's data. Share raw data with third party IoT management platform.
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