Global Data Service™

A high-bandwidth solution

A secure network for transferring large data files between remote sites and the internet. Global Data Service™ gives organizations the ability to optimize their satellite bandwidth by sending delay tolerant data over an economic store-and-forward communications system.
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We are where you are
our constellation of low orbit satellites provides coverage everywhere on the planet.
Fast Transfer Speeds
experience above 30 Mbps transfer speed with standard off-the-shelf VSAT terminals
Affordable Connectivity
take advantage of one of the lowest per GB prices in the market.
Easy to use
Easy to install and operate. Our systems has your needs in mind - we simplify how you communicate with your teams
Applications & Industries
A complimentary service
Cut Costs Without Cutting Coverage
Add on to persistent satcom links used for real-time communications, and route heavy files through our network, optimizing bandwidth and your budget.
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Route Data Quickly & Easily - All For A Low Cost
Kepler’s Global Data Service is compatible with a variety of off-the-shelf VSAT terminals and modems which gives you the option to repurpose your antennas; significantly reducing overall costs when connecting to our network.
Large Antenna
Greatest Bandwidth
120 Mbps
150 Mbps
Small Antenna
Greatest Portability
20 Mbps
50 Mbps
Kepler Approved Antennas
V65 V80 V100
Kepler Modem

To connect to the Kepler network, you will need a modem connected to a computer, server or a hard drive. The modem stores data and transmit it to the satellites once these are overhead.

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Access Data Remotely On-Demand

Regardless of where your operations are located, they can securely send and receive information using our network. Save data on local servers to be transported by our satellites periodically.

We take care of the rest and deliver the data in the span of a few hours, making it available to geographically sparse teams via the internet.

For more sensitive data needs, we can establish direct private networks that ensure the data never touches the internet.

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