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One Network. One Standard. IoT made available everywhere
everywhereIOT™ provides a cellular-quality and standardized connection for Internet of Things devices through a globally available satellite service. From cities to villages, to the ocean and everywhere in between, Kepler's solution will ensure smart devices connect with a single service provider.
Low Cost Easy Integration Low Power

Kepler’s IoT DevKit™

Customize Your IoT Experience With Kepler’s IoT DevKit

Introducing the Kepler IoT DevKit™, a test-bench for your IoT systems and applications that lets them connect to the Internet from any location on the planet.

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Logistics & Transportation
Precision Farming
Environmental Monitoring
everywhereIot - How it works
Integrate a satellite connectivity module into your smart Internet of Things product to enable globally-available connectivity. Highly capable satellites enable scalability to hundreds of millions of connections globally, and a low-cost but powerful wireless module offers a cellular-quality connection from a satellite service.
Low-power, ultra-small
IoT transceiver

Offering cellular-quality connectivity, the everywhereIOT™ module is a small satellite transceiver that easily integrates into smart devices to deliver seamless low bandwidth connectivity

Bi-directional communications for data acknowledgements and firmware updates
Cellular-level bandwidths available, offering up to MB per month data capacity
Credit card sized devices allow integration in a wide array of smart products
Self-sufficient smart devices can be powered by AA batteries for years with everywhereIOT™
Delivering new possibilities
Fleet tracking

Allows up-to-date insight into location and route of shipped goods with alerts for deviations.

Shipment conditions

Cold chain monitoring, vibration of goods, and intrusion detection on cargo.

Asset Monitoring

Monitor condition of asset components such as cargo wagon brakes.

Construction equipment logistics

Equip light construction equipment with smart monitoring products to improve inter-site logistics and reduce theft.

A one-stop solution for original equipment manufacturers

IoT module that enables bi-directional communication for data collection and control message delivery.

We simplify connectivity and enable global monitoring capabilities for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to easily connect their products.

A reliable, globally available satellite communication network powered by the latest in small satellite technology.

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