IoT Connectivity Spanning the Whole Planet

Kepler Dev Kit and box

Introducing the Kepler IoT DevKit™, a test-bench for your IoT systems and applications that lets them connect to the Internet from any location on the planet.

Collect and share your data from anywhere. Deliver intelligence and enable greater control of your remote IoT devices. Ideal for IoT applications designed to support transportation, smart agriculture, environment monitoring, energy, and other industrial activities.

Unleash the potential of your IoT technology by exploring new solutions that call for truly global satellite connectivity. The Kepler IoT DevKit™ offers a testbed to leverage the power of low-Earth orbit satellites for your IoT products.

Limited units available!
Kepler Iot Device Rendering

The Right Kit for Your
IoT Tech Stack

Test with Kepler’s IoT DevKit™ and enable satellite functionality for your IoT projects. Unlock the potential of your device with bi-directional, direct-to-satellite communications to Kepler’s modern nanosatellite IoT network.


For The Internet of Things

Kepler’s IoT DevKit™ is for IoT developers involved in prototyping and scaling-up their smart device solutions. Whether you are looking to outfit scientific field instruments to relay data back to the lab, track shipments across the world, or monitor soil conditions directly from your phone – our network can simplify it for you.

Bi-directional communication Low-cost device and 6 months airtime included Truly global narrowband IoT network Easy to setup and test with sensors


Kepler’s IoT DevKit™

Kepler’s IoT module (powered by Raspberry Pi)

2 x antenna cables

5V 2.5A power adapter

External antenna dimensions

USB to RS232 adapter

USB cable


Affordable connectivity demands both low airtime prices and low-cost transceiver modules: everywhereIOT™ delivers both.

Modern IoT systems demand flexible, value-conscious solutions that deliver the right capacity and throughput for their business needs.

Kepler’s everywhereIOT™ network spans the whole globe and allows you to unlock more data for a lower price.



Kepler Internet of Things Developer Kit
Uplink Capability
2 KB per day or 60 KB per month
Bi-Directional Communication
Message acknowledgments Configuration updates
Approximately 500g
UART and RS-232
2 X antenna cables
(RX/TX Antennas)
Temp Range
- 40 to 85 C°
Antenna Dimensions
6 x 11 x 1 cm
Power Supply
5V (Power Adapter Included)
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)
7 cm x 10 cm x 4 cm

How it works

  • 1. Assemble

    Connect the antenna board to the Kepler module.

  • 2. Power

    Power the Kepler module using the power adapter provided.

  • 3. Connect

    Connect the Kepler module to your computer and connect your IoT sensor to the module.

  • 4. Test

    Set-up your account on Kepler’s web portal to access your device’s data. Share raw data with third party IoT management platforms.

After the 6-month demonstration period is over, the Kepler module will be automatically deactivated. You can contact Kepler before the trial expires to continue taking advantage of the service.

Limited units available!
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